Card and benefits


What is Onetcard

A whole territory in a card made of sales, benefits and more

The card gives you the opportunity to get sales, reductions, facilitations and more services in all structures of the network in the area, such as museums, monuments, archaeological sites, theatres, restaurants, bars, shops, services and much more. Moreover with the card you will be able to take part in fun activities and unforgettable tour to discover the most fascinating and interesting places of the district.

You could receive Onetcard by choosing to stay in one of the accomodations of the Network, or as of May 2017 you can buy the card online directly from this portal.

How to use the Card

Use the card is easy! Through the portal web you can discover the beauties and attractions on the territory: an expert online guide will help you to knowledge of the best structures selected according to criterions of quality, uniqueness and topicality, and discovering the places of tourist interest, with the chance to visit and enjoy sales and exclusive services offered at your disposal for a rich and unforgettable holidays.

Onetcard, moreover, rewards those who want to discover the territory with some real “clever” sales. .
How to make to get this further benefit? It’s easy: the structures of the place where you stay will make your purchases more convenient with some reductions, told reductions “in”, while other structures in the others areas of the territory, reward your purchases with “out”,greater than the first. In a few words “the more you take away from the place where you stays more sales available increase”.. Onetcard facilitated so your movements on the territory, allowing you to appreciate its many beauties.

And once around to identify the Onetcard structures is simple and immediate you can indeed recognize the structures of the network from Onetcard sticker posted on the front door or main shop window, and in any case by visiting the menu relating to structures within this portal.


A prize before returning home !

One-year coupon discount to come back to onetcard world
At the end off your holiday, keep your card; it will allow you or your friend to come back to one of the Onetcard accommodation facilities saving your money even more.