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Mastro Paolo

In Shopping in Orvieto

Artisan Potter

Orvieto city center
Mastro Paolo, Home

Piazza Duomo, 36

05018 Orvieto (TR)

Ph. Number: +39 0763 343667

Mastro Paolo is a small shop located in Piazza del Duomo No 36 and opened around 1968. Now it is the historic store which sells the Mastro Paolo pottery (created by Paolo Cosenza) that today bears the name of Mastro Paolo 2 who is the son Giuseppe who follows the same modern aesthetical principles as his father did, while searching for the expressive line in the plainer but iridescent colours. This pottery has modern and traditional features, turned on a lathe in small series, drawn with repeated concentric lines, or covered by random spots made by reactive substances visible on the glazing (carafes, bottles, cups, coffee cups, jugs, Lekitos, dishes, small amphorae, etc.) These are home decorations and objects of everyday use.

The family’s women

The shop Mastro Paolo al Duomo has been managed over years mostly by the family’s women. The first was Anita Frasconi (Paolo’s mother), who crafted bags using local fabrics, batik foulards or others; then, Mariangela Fusari (Paolo’s ex-wife) carried out this business from 1973 to 2016, and today the shop is managed by Anna Laura who wants to trace an individual and familiar story, inspired by the creativity and aesthetic tastes of her ancestors.

Mastro Paolo,ceramista orvietano

Mastro Paolo

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