ORVIETO: “…the heaven of Art”


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ORVIETO: “…the heaven of Art”

“In Umbria people can find a town that is the heaven of Art” as the international United States daily paper The Wall Street Journal writes

The economic-financial daily newspaper dedicates an article to the enchanting town of Orvieto, celebrating the marvellous frescoes painted at the end of 1400 by <;the artist Luca Signorelli from Umbria, which decorate the Cappella Nova, or Cappella of San Brizio inside the Cathedral of Orvieto. The author of the article is Mary Tompkins Lewis, journalist, writer, and Art teacher at the Trinity College of Hartford in the USA.

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Loghino -The wall Street Journal



State: USA – Genre: international daily – Foundation: 8 July 1889

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