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The card entitles you to discounts and special offers in each facility of the network.
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You can get it:

1. Buying it on line.
2. Buying it in one of the authorisedsales point. rivenditori
3. Staying in one of the accommodation facilities of the network. scopri

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“Civita di Bagnoregio: seen from the drone””

2015 may 11
Civita di Bagnoregio is an original and particular village that still today keeps the traits of a late medieval village as if time stood still….>>>

ORVIETO: “…the heaven of Art”

2015 april 3
The economic-financial daily newspaper dedicates an article to the enchanting town of Orvieto, celebrating the marvellous frescoes painted at the end of 1400 by the artist Luca Signorelli from Umbria, which decorate the Cappella Nova, or Cappella of San Brizio…>>>

BOLSENA: “The lake of Bolsena, oasis of the Popes”

2013 july 17
An evocative lake town that exudes history and Art is situated in the heart of Tuscia, the ancient land of Etruscan people, its name is Bolsena. Bolsena rises…>>>

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Onetcard avvia la partenza ufficiale del network turistico

3 giugno 2015
Dopo un periodo di tempo necessario alla costruzione strutturale della rete si avvia la partenza ufficiale del network turistico Onetcard che avverrà mercoledì 3 giugno 2015 contestualmente alla pubblicazione on line del sito web: >>>

Why Choose Onetcard

Many reasons for an unbelievable holiday

Discounts and Reductions

Discount and Reductions in all the network facilities: museums, theatres, restaurants, bistros, shops and much more. Discover how to have fun while saving money.

The Discovery of the Territory

A modern local guide online to discover the landscapes, history, culture and art in Italy.

Services and Activities

A world of services and activities for an "easy", relaxing and amusing holiday.

The best Selected Accommodation Facilities

The best structures in terms of welcoming and competence.

Traditional Cousin and excellent Food Farming

Traditional cuisine, local products, flavours and gastronomic excellences can be enjoyed.

High quality Handucraft works

Unique and high-quality products combining design and crafts, expression of creativity, passion and culture of Italian "masters".