Online Onetcard Guide


Onetcard is the tourist card that provides services, reductions and discounts on all the facilities that are part of the network including hotels, farm holidays, B&B, holiday houses, campsites, monuments, museums, archaeological areas, theatres, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, tours, excursions, rental services, and many others. It is valid also in the towns of Civita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto and Bolsena, where it is a guide of the best available facilities and attractions.
You can buy the plastic card in the authorized stores, and the electronic card online in this website.

The Onetcard online is available in the following types:

null valid for 3 days, at the price of null.
null valid for 10 days, at the price of null.
null valid for 30 days, at the price of null.


Buying the Onetcard is very easy and requires a few seconds of your time. Click on the button “buy online” and fill out the brief form that will appear on the page and note that all fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory. The following fields are the most relevant.

Email., acquisto/ purchase online Onetcard on line

E-mail > Enter a correct and valid email address. The files of your electronic card will be sent to the email address provided.

codice fiscale, acquisto/purchase online  Onetcard

Codice fiscale > It is mandatory for Italian clients only.

activation date, Acquisto/ purchase online  Onetcard

Activation Date > This is a key field as it indicates the first day of validity of the card; for example, if you buy the card on May 10th and you need to use it on your first day of your holiday that is July 20, the activation date should correspond with the first day of staying in the tourist location, in this case July 20. The activation date should be entered in the correct format (dd/mm/yyyy).

card quantity, acquisto/ purchase online  Onetcard

Card Quantity > In this field you should specify the number of cards you want to buy taking into account that accompanied minors do not have to buy a card as they can freely get the same advantages produced by the cards owed by the adults with them.
Card reductions can not be combined with other offers or discounts, in that case the discount previously indicated by the structure is valid.

card tipology, acquisto purchase online  Onetcard

Card Type > In this filed you should select the type of card according to the duration of the validity and the price.

Expiration date, Acqusito/ purchase online Onetcard

Expiration Date > It is an automatic field (not required to be filled in) that according to your previous selected options will show the last day of the card validity.
Finally, once your total amount has been calculated and you have entered the security code, you only need to click the button “submit” and purchase your order paying by PayPal or credit card.


Within 2 hours after the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the file of the online card. The card can be shown on your mobile device or printed on paper. Thanks to the online card you can get all the discounts and reductions indicated on the discount page and marked by the “online” logo.
The online card allows you to get reductions in the following facilities:
1. Monuments, museums, and all kind of businesses (restaurants, shops, etc.);
2. Tourist accommodation (hotels, farm holidays, B&B etc.).

For the first group, to obtain a purchase discount or a reduced entry ticket, simply show the card to the manager of the establishment when you ask for your bill, before the payment and not after.
For the second group, after you purchase the card and get the email with the file of the online card, send an e-mail to the address of the chosen accommodation (that you will find on the page of the hotels, farm holidays, etc. in this website) mentioning your booking request and attaching the file of the online card. The manager of the establishment will send you a reply according to the establishment availability. REMEMBER THAT THE DISCOUNT DEPENDS ON THE ROOM AVAILABILITY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT UPON RESERVATION